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Monday, August 7, 2017

Offside Trap

Offside Trap is a defensive tactics deploy by team defenders with the purpose of forcing attackers to commit an offside offense.

In order to achieve this, the defensive line of the defending team run/step up-field leaving the players of the attacking team who is in the attacking play in an offside position just before a pass from it's team mate could get to him.

The execution of offside trap needs careful timing by the defenders, hence the offside trap is highly risky because if not perfectly executed, it can result in a perfect breakthrough for strikers of the attacking team, but if the reverse is the case, this means that the defenders of the defending team will win the ball back without making any tackle.

The Bottom Line
Offside Trap is an highly risky defensive tactics deploy by defenders of a defending side in a football match,with the aim of forcing a striker from the attacking side to be in an offside position before a pass from his/her team mate could get to him/her, thereby wining the ball from the attacking side without a tackle.

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