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Thursday, January 28, 2016

How Most Nigerian Mobile User End Up Subscribing To Caller Tunez Without Them Knowing

Have you every wondered, When I call someone and a service voice say, 'Press 11 to copy this tune' if I press 1a, where will the tune be copied to?

Well if the answer is not yer obvious to you, it means that immediately you press the 11 which the service voice ask you to, you will automatically be subscribe to the Callers Tunez service, with the tune you copied for your own caller tunez service, provided you have sufficient balance for the service.

That is why if you have not yet subscribe to the service before you make the call, the service voice will say: "Press 11 to copy this tune for fifty (50) naira" while if you are already subscribed to the service, the service voice will not add the fifty (50) naira part, it will simply say: "Press 11 to copy this tune."



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