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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Amazing Speed of the Juvenile Issus Leafhopper

Juvenile Issus Leafhopper, a leaping insect found in mostly in garden all over Europe can change its current position to a distance of about  3.9 meter per second.

For this insect to achieve this relatively rare or difficult accomplishment, it required that its two hind legs move precisely the same time and with the same force.

So how does the Juvenile Issus Leafhopper accomplish the amazing feat?
Scientist have discovered that two interlocking gears found in the base of the leafhopper's two hind legs is the secret. So when the juvenile Issus leafhopper leaps, the gears make sure that the two hind legs are perfectly synchronized so that the leap will not turn out to be an uncontrolled spin.

The Main Point:
A Juvenile Issus Leafhopper can reach a velocity of 3.9 meter per second, thereby subjecting its body to nearly 400 times the force of gravity! This means that he can disappear from sight during the blink of an eye.



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