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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How To Set Facebook On Your PC’s Web Browser So That It Will Not Request For Your Id And Password Every Time You Want To Log In.

If you access your facebook account from your personal computer, you will notice that the browser will require you to enter you facebook id (i.e email address or phone number) and password every time you to log in, even if at the last section you did not log out you will still be require to input you id and password, hence entering your facebook id  and password every time you want to log in may be quite annoying sometimes frustrating. 

So what can help? Is there a way for you not to keep re-entering you facebook id and password every time you wish to check you facebook account? YES!

The answer lies in the "Keep me logged in" check box found at the facebook log in page of you pc's browser.

The steps listed below will help you set facebook on your web browser so that it will not request you to provide your facebook id and password any time you want to log into facebook.

  1. Type or on the web browser of you pc. It will take you to the facebook home which looks like this
  2. Insert your facebook id and password in the space provided as usual, but don't click log in yet.
  3. Check the the small box titled "Keep me log in" which is under the space where you inserted your facebook id.
  4. Now click the Log in button.
That is all.

Note: Even if you log out from facebook after you are through, your facebook id and password will still be saved so that when you come back you will not have to insert them, all you need do now is to click the log in button.




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