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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Facebook Text_ What is it?

Facebook Text is a service provided by Facebook which allows you to get text message notifications on post, photos and status updates and sometimes comments updates from your friend without using cellular data.

Once facebook text have been set up with your mobile number, you can send a text (SMS) to facebook short code of your country, to update your status, and also reply to activities from your facebook profile.

Facebook notification by text is not automatic.

This means that for you to get notifications from facebook, you need to set up notification by text from facebook setting, and choose what you will want facebook to notify you about via text message.

You should also know that updating your via facebook text is not free. This does not mean that you will be excessively charge just because you want to update your status. No.
What it means is that, you will have to pay the national standard messaging rates of the country you reside in, for you to successfully update your facebook status via text message, after you have set up facebook text with you number.



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