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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

4 Simple Steps of Scheduling a Post on Blogger/Blogspot

You will notice that in the post title section, there is no button called 'Schedule Post' but there is 'Publish' and 'Save', does this mean that you cannot schedule a post so that it will be auto publish itself at a latter time? NO is the answer.

So regardless of the reason you may have to want to schedule a post as a blogger/blogspot publisher, post scheduling is a functionality that can be carried out, even though there is no one click button for it.

The steps outline below will direct you on how to schedule a post on blogger/blogspot blog.

STEPS 1. Log in to your Blogger/blogspot blog dashboard and create a post as usual, but do not publish it immediately you are done with writing the post.

STEPS 2. In the 'Post Settings' section, click on the 'Schedule' sub-section.

STEP 3. After clicking it, it will display two options to you, click on the second option themed 'Set Date and Time', it will bring out a calendar and time, this is the option that will let you set the specific day and time for the post auto publishing. After you are done specifying, click done.

STEP 4. After step 3, all you need do now is to click Publish.

Note: After clicking publish, your post will not be published immediately, but will be scheduled for auto publishing based on the time and day you specify in step 3.

Also, the date you specify for the in step three (3) should be of time to come.

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