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Monday, September 28, 2015

Email Blocker Now Available on Gmail

Are you tired or offended by an email sender? Are you a victim of harassment by spammer of cyber bullies? Or do you subscribe to a newsletter and you don’t know just how to unsubscribe? Or do you just don’t want to receive any more mails from a sender and you are a Gmail user?

Now you can do just that in just few clicks away.
Because gmail web provide it's user with an option to block mails from a particular sender from gaining access to your inbox, which means that no mails from a sender you block will appear in the your inbox. The steps below outline how to activate or start using this feature.

Steps to Block an Email Sender in Gmail

  •     Log in to your Gmail account. 
  •  Open one of the mail sent to you by the sender. 
  •  On the tab where the mail sender email is written, you will see this icon called the reply button. 
  •  Click on the arrow pointing downward.
  •   A dropdown menu will appear.
  •     Next scroll to Block “” 
  •     Once you click, a dialogue box will appear telling you to conform
  •  Click on Block.
 Message from this sender will now be moved to spam.

And that is all.

Happy Blocking!!!

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