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About Pinfoltd

The team behind Pinfoltd are information seekers (researcher), who seek to share their factual finding with everyone. Thus Pinfoltd is design to be the store house that holds all reliable findings that we have discovered.

At Pinfoltd we do not think that we are the only ones that can come up with reliable information that is easy to understand, thus we welcome visitors to share their factual finding too, by submitting a guest post for each of their write-ups.

While we intend Pinfoltd to be the storehouse for all reliable, easy to understand info, our focus now is tech related info.

As note earlier, we are information seekers who not only make research to learn but also to share them with others free of charge, hence we try to take a neutral stand on any topic we write on, this help us to avoid being bias but balanced.

Team Pinfoltd


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